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Music and tour info for Chris Castino, The Big Wu, and other collaborations.


I can close my eyes and see the streets of a thousand towns

Greenville, neenah, portland, sparks

I see the package stores, bait shops, strip clubs, row houses

I hear them sing over the rattle of the chain stores,

The rat racers strung out on status,

The Hipsters just day-sleep like cats.

The world can spin you dizzy

But I keep it in the eye of a needle

and my songs are the salty drops from the oceans

by which we came.

Anywhere is where we are.

Even when Iā€™m safe at home

 I hear the same faint-familiar song

and try to work it through my old guitar.

First posting.

Dear people,

Thanks for visiting me here! This new website is part of a new motivation to expand and cultivate my songwriting and side projects.  My band, The Big Wu, is still going strong despite the changes to each of our lives.  You see, It was finally time for the last holdouts to have our kids and re-position ourselves in the universe.  Adjustment being duly made, we have begun writing new material and stretching out our touring radius (coming to a town near you?) and have lots of exciting things shaping up for this spring and coming summer.  I'll post Wu tour info here just as you'll find it at and facebook and twitter. Here you will find not only upcoming show info, but new songs that I am making and solo and side projects of which I will be a part. 

I'm excited to announce that I'll begin recording a solo record this year.  Big Wu has been flirting with a new record as well, but the new songs are just babies and need a little time to mature before cutting wax.  I'm hoping that my solo record will be ready (to some degree) by August so that I might share it with all the good folks who will be attending the Big Wu Family Reunion (#16)!  I hope that includes you. It oughta! Tickets are on sale now for that Fest via

Drop me an email in the contact section and I'll get back to ya. Thanks to everyone who has helped support this music along the way.  You make me proud! Im'a try to make you proud , too!